Saturday 05 December 2020

Private Screenings

Screen Hire: Auditorium can be hired out for a private film screening, for viewing an independent film or short, (digital, blu-ray or dvd) for special cast and crew preview screenings, or for other events such as training, book launches, advertising or press launch including Q & A sessions.

Group private shows: schools can treat their class at the end of term, or to see a relevant film, and summer schemes can arrange for a special screening, usually in the morning.

Corporate events: an excellent way to reward employees, or mark a milestone. Combine with a popcorn pack each or a pre film drink.

Charity fundraisers: pick a theme, hold a pre-film reception, and a great fundraising event can be created. Tickets can be sold directly by the charity to create a profit.

Pre-film Reception: At Movie House Dublin Road the option is there to make the event more appealing by treating guests to a pre-film reception. We have space for buffet food and drinks to be laid out and we can recommend some excellent catering suppliers.

Discounted popcorn packs: we can create tailored popcorn and drinks packs to any specifications and always at a great discount.

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