Monday 08 August 2022

Autism Friendly Screenings

Autism Friendly Screenings

Posted Monday 07 February 2022

Movie House Cityside and Coleraine hold monthly Autism Friendly screenings. 

These screenings offer a Relaxed atmosphere that is sensory friendly. The screenings are open to everyone and you can find them on our website marked AF. They are generally held on the first weekend of every month though this can vary at times.

These screenings are held at a quiet time of day - usually around 11am on Saturday and Sunday - so that there is reduced noise in the foyer.

Small adaptations are made to make the presentation of the film sensory friendly:

  • No ads or trailers - just the film
  • The lights are turned up a little
  • And the sound turned down a bit
  • It's a relaxed atmosphere 

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