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Bernadette & Shauna in Double Charity Fundraiser

Bernadette & Shauna in Double Charity Fundraiser

Posted Thursday 12 April 2018

Two friends who both suffer from debilitating illnesses are working to raise money for the charities that have improved their lives.

Shauna McKeever and Bernadette O’Grady, who have been great pals since starting work at Movie House Cinema at Cityside ten years ago, have been in and out of hospital receiving treatment for separate conditions.

Bernadette (28) was diagnosed with Wegener’s disease, a kidney condition which requires regular treatment in hospital, at the young age of 18.  Shauna (29) has weekly injections for Psoriatic Arthritis, a long term condition that causes pain in her joints.

“We were both so lucky to have been diagnosed at young ages because it means we have started getting treatment and the long term is much brighter for us. We are both in and out of hospital so much and it made us think about those who need so much more help,” Bernadette explained.

Shauna added: “Movie House Cityside always picks a local charity to support each year so back in December we put it to our managers to pick NI Kidney Patient Association and Arthritis Research UK. Our managers were happy to support us and we started planning the fundraiser.”

Their big event is on April 19 – a charity pub quiz with a dj night after plus each of the young women will be shaving their heads and donating their hair to the Little Princess Trust, which creates wigs for girls who have lost their hair. The girls want to thank Geraldine and Eadaoin from Geraldine McGuigan’s on the Antrim Road for agreeing to come along and shave their heads.

For the past three months they have been contacting businesses for support and have received dozens of fantastic prizes for the raffle. When U105 DJ Johnny Hero heard about the event, he offered to run the quiz free for them – and they got further support from the station from dj Paul McKenna who will be looking after the music on the night and from presenters Maurice Jay and Carolyn Stewart who have donated goodie bags.

And even before their big night, Bernadette and Shauna have already raised £1,000 through a Go Fund Me account that they’ve shared on social media and by raffling a hamper at the cinema.

“We’re so proud of the great work that Bernadette and Shauna have done with this event. Movie House Cityside is always keen to support local charities and when they brought this idea to us, we were happy to get behind them. They have put so much effort into bringing this together and we want to congratulate them on their hard work as we know they will raise a great deal of money for two very worthy charities,” said Gavin Mallon, assistant manager Movie House Cityside.

Everyone is welcome at the event on April 19 at Cliftonville Bowling Club – it starts at 7pm and costs £5. Or you can support the girls on www.gofundme.com/bernadetteshauna.

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